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Food by category: Seafood Fare

Herb Crusted Salmon*

Italian seasoned encrusted salmon served atop zesty lemon sauce.

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Coconut Prawns* (6 Pieces)

Coconut crusted jumbo shrimp served with Orange Marmalade cocktail sauce.

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The Club Coupe

(Broiled or Blackened Salmon*)

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The Caribbean

(Broiled or Blackened Grouper*)

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The Lug Nuts (Michigan Yellow Perch*)

8 lightly breaded and deep friend perch served with tarter sauce and lemon.

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The Spare Tire (Classic Fish* Chips 3 Pieces)

Icelandic Cod deep fried and served with tarter sauce and lemon.

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Tilapia Florentine

Fresh Tilapia broiled and topped with garlic and spinach on a bed of creamy Alfredo sauce.

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The Spark Plugs (6 Deep Fried Shrimp)

Lightly breaded shrimp deep fried an served with tangy cocktail sauce.

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Eight Cylinders (Bacon Wrapped Scallops*)

Fresh bacon wrapped bay scallops sauteed in our special Mandarin Orange Glaze.

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