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E-commerce platform migration risks and how to evade them; Shopify Plus VS. Magento

For many e-commerce investors in Canada, being able to maintain an online business has been a big problem to many. That is because few understand what running a successful e-commerce business entails. For starters, it is good to know that more existing e-commerce businesses in Canada are migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus all in search of convenience and better services. However, e-commerce platform migration comes with several risks that you can evade like.

  • Loss of traffic and customer

One of the apparent disadvantages of migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus is loss of traffic, ranking, and even customers. That is because you shall have relocated your online store location to a new place where you will now have to invite your customers. However, there are ways of reducing such risks, but it will require you to consult an expert

Apart from losing your traffic, customers, and ranking, migrating to a new platform does not have any other threatening risks. However, to avoid the need to migrate in the future, you should do the following before choosing the right platform.

  • Avoid cheap platforms

One problem with new e-commerce companies is that they want to try out things before they can be sure about the profits. The problem with cheap e-commerce platforms is that their features are worth what they cost. In simple terms, the cheaper the platform, the lesser you can do with it. Magento, for example, is a community-based platform making it less costly compared to Shopify. However, without the right e-commerce skills, you can never survive with Magento.

  • Don’t open your e-commerce company without a plan

Running an e-commerce business is more than signing up for a domain and hosting. You need to have a well-written down business plan to guide you. With the right business plan, you will be able to know the direction which your business is headed and what is expected the future. With that in mind, you should be able to go for a platform that will perfectly suit your needs. You will also know whether picking a none scalable software will present you trouble in the future.


Nothing is threatening to a business than losing customers and the traffic you worked so hard to get. Getting a good ranking takes too much time and investment yet migrating to a new platform may force you to start all this from scratch.

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