Top Features That Are Potting Shopify Ahead Of The Competition; Shopify Vs. Magento

Today, having an e-commerce website is something that anyone can do. Whether doing it alone or with the help of an expert, it is imperative to know that the kind of e-commerce platform that you chose will determine everything as far as your business is concerned. Today, more e-commerce investors in Australia are migrating from Magento to Shopify because they came to realize that they can get convenience and better offers with Shopify. Some of the significant reasons for migrations include;

  • Security

Other than providing you with ease of use, it is good to know that Shopify comes with a free hosting offer. The benefit of this is that you will be avoiding so many things that can interfere with your daily operations. You should know that the servers used by Shopify to host your store are built for e-commerce. That means they are made to keep away threats like cybercriminals. Also, the servers are capable of handling high traffic like the one experienced during a flash sale.

  • Easy to set up

There is no more easy e-commerce platform to use than Shopify. Build for people with no e-commerce skills; the platform is ideal for start-ups owned by young people who have a product or service to sell. With the ability to read and understand, you can build one of the most potent e-commerce websites in the world. The same cannot, however, be said about Magento because you require other skills like the website design to be able to finish setting up your store.

  • Customization

Nothing is better to work with than something that you have built from scratch. Customization comes in handy in e-commerce when you want to tailor your management software to support your activities correctly. Shopify has, in its possession some of the best e-commerce applications that you can use to build a customized management system. While Magento also has this feature, it is better to know that Shopify works more seamlessly with third-party plug-ins compared to Magento.


It is worth mentioning that Shopify comes with pre-designed websites that you only need to edit to suit your preferred site appearance. With so much convenience to the users, Shopify has been winning most of the new e-commerce entrepreneur and others who are migrating from other platforms such as Magento and the cheap, limited ones that usually are used to lure over excited e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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